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Complivit vitamins to swallow or dissolve

Compliment. Instructions for use, indications, contraindications, side effects, reviews, prices The site provides reference information only

Fish oil in itself contains various fatty acids that have a nutritional function (contribute to the deposition of fat in various organs, muscle growth, etc.).

Complivit does not contain these substances, so simultaneous use will not lead to an overdose. The drugs complement each other, this has a more effective therapeutic effect..

Iodomarin is used to restore iodine reserves in the body and contains potassium iodide. You can use this drug at the same time with such types of complivit, which do not contain iodine in their composition. Otherwise, an overdose may occur, characterized by vomiting, nausea, stabbing pains in the abdomen and diarrhea..

Complivit should not be used simultaneously with Aevit, since both products contain approximately the same trace elements and vitamins. Their simultaneous use does not have a pronounced preventive or therapeutic effect..

“Oligovite”. This preparation contains 9 vitamins. With a compliment, the common ones cialis for high blood pressure are PP, A, B, E, as well as D3. In “Oligovit” minerals are as follows: manganese, copper, molybdenum, magnesium, potassium, zinc, fluorine, iron and cobalt.

As is clear from this list, “Oligovit” is a drug quite rich in useful substances. Instructions for use indicate that it must be used in such cases:

with significant stress (mental and / or physical);

with beriberi or hypovitaminosis;

with a decrease in immunity;

when breastfeeding;

during pregnancy;

when the body is weakened by operations or diseases;

with irrational and poor nutrition.

These vitamins are used one tablet per day for no more than a month, which, by and large, is quite convenient. The price of the drug is about 220 rubles. for 30 tablets. Judging by many reviews, it is considered an excellent analogue of “Complivit” for pregnant women.

Instructions for use warns that you can not take more than 1 tablet per day. In case of an overdose, general well-being may worsen, heart failure may occur, abdominal pain, nausea may appear..

A few words about Complivit Mama. This is one of the cheapest: 60 tablets cost about 180 rubles. The complex contains 7 most important minerals and 11 vitamins. The downside is the very large size of the tablets, which are inconvenient to take..

This drug is rich in vitamin B. Quite often, people themselves acquire such a not very cheap, but quite affordable complex of vitamins to protect against viral diseases, to strengthen and improve nails and hair.

But the instructions for use on the pharmacological action of the drug “Pentovit” say something completely different. The price (reviews indicate that in various pharmacies it ranges from 120–150 rubles for 50 capsules) of this remedy is high, given that it must be used 6 pieces daily (3 times two tablets) for a month.

“Pentovit” helps with such conditions:





pain in the body along the nerves;

stress, nervousness;


According to reviews, the drug copes with these problems remarkably..

Reviews of doctors about this drug are also positive. The main advantage is the wide variety of products that you can choose for people of different ages and with different diseases..

At the same time, the relatively low price of the drug makes it possible to prescribe it even to not very wealthy people..

Good vitamins are a must for any family today. To maintain the health of the body, it is necessary at least once a year to take a course of such supplements as Complivit. The price of this course is low, which made the drug affordable for all segments of the population.

According to doctors, the content of minerals and vitamins in complivit is optimal for the human body. Compliment reviews are most often positive both among people who have used this remedy and among doctors.

Many consumers who used different types of the drug for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis were satisfied with the remedy. Among the advantages, there is an excellent balance of trace elements and vitamins, which almost completely covers the daily need for them in the body..

At the same time, many people like the fact that you need to take 1 (sometimes 2) tablets per day. And also many noted the rather inexpensive price of the compliment. Vitamins are made in plastic bottles containing 60 tablets. The price of a bottle is approximately 110–150 r.

Of the shortcomings, rare allergic reactions are noted. In addition, some people complain that this remedy did not help them with certain pathologies (for example, acne on the face). But here it must be said that complivit is not a universal medicine, it only replenishes the reserves of minerals and vitamins in the body..

Use these vitamins all the time, especially in spring and autumn. The price for them is not very high, you can see vitamins and more expensive. During the reception I feel better, I stopped getting sick with colds and flu so often. I advise both children and adults. It is better to buy a large pack, it is much more profitable.

With the advent of autumn until the end of spring, we drink Complivit with the whole family. This includes a complete set of vitamins that are required for the body. Most importantly, it is the cheapest of all vitamin complexes on sale. It is necessary to drink once a day after eating, it is quite convenient. The doctor advised me to choose Complivit, because it is most suitable for our region.

Definitely the right drug. The composition is excellent. The price is affordable. Used this tool. I took it according to the instructions. However, I do not have the feeling that the strength has increased. That’s probably how it should be. Most likely, the recovery of forces takes place gradually. The state of health remained the same, but it did not get worse.


During pregnancy, due to age and in general to prevent problems with my bones, they advised me to take calcium supplements up to a gram of calcium per day. The choice fell on our domestic Calcium D3 from Complivit.

Because a proven manufacturer in general, because there will be no overpayments for a foreign brand, and because calcium preparations globally differ little in composition.

I’ll note an important point right away – there is just Calcium D3, and there is Calcium D3 forte. The calcium content is the same – half a gram per tablet, but there is twice as much vitamin D in the fort. If some other complex with vitamin D is taken in parallel, there is no point in buying a more expensive forte.

For the price – if you take a small jar – it comes out to 150 rubles for 30 tablets, that is, 5 rubles per piece, which means that all expenses for 5-10 rubles a day – and this is for a solid and competent dose of calcium – quite. And if you take a jar of 100 tablets, then even less comes out – somewhere around 3.5 rubles per tablet.

Tablets large, white.

The taste is synthetic orange, tolerable to me. Also, if I understand everything correctly, there are mint.

Now the main question that many people ask is why do we just swallow other vitamins, but these need to be sucked or chewed? Unfortunately, with the digestibility of calcium, everything is very difficult, if you eat a lot of chalk, it doesn’t help, otherwise everyone would have done it. Therefore, it is necessary to help the unfortunate calcium to assimilate. Take not immediately – but several times a day, dissolve to help digestion.

I can say for myself where to buy viagra – yes, the drug works, because in just a couple of days of taking the cramps in the calves disappeared. And the rest – it’s hard to say, there were no other problems.


I take vitamins regularly, so I tried different ones both in price and quality..

Often took Complivit vitamins and minerals.

She always sinned on weakened immunity, but then her husband was prescribed one mineral preparation (bad). And we started taking it together. It was here that I felt that nails can be stronger, hair fall out less, and colds can pass by!

My husband also took Complivit before and did not see the effect.

Plus, the vitamins taste pretty nasty..

Of course, not the nastiest vitamins, but still! Somehow the doctor prescribed Ultivit – that’s where the muck was! 1300 for a jar of 90 pieces, the vitamins themselves are the size of the upper phalanx of a finger (more than 1.5 cm in length), brown in color and with a clear aftertaste and smell of dry pet food. I couldn’t swallow them at all, so I threw them away.

Complivit is smaller and due to the shell they are swallowed normally, again they are cheap compared to many other vitamins.

A doctor friend advised me to buy the most common Undevit or Revit – they have a better effect, and the price is cheap!

Now I do not take Complivit! Waste of money!


The composition of “Complivit” includes vitamins of groups A, B, C, as well as iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, cobalt. Such a rich composition not only contributes to the fastest recovery of the body after many diseases, Complivit is recommended for many other problems, including increased bone fragility, problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and vision. Also, “Complivit” helps to solve problems with the strength of teeth, increased nervous excitability, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and makes them more elastic, etc..

Today, several versions of Complivit are being produced. Among them is not only a classic, but also a drug for pregnant women and women in menopause, children, as well as supplements aimed at helping vision, the nervous system with heavy loads on it. There is even a “Complivit” with “beauty” additives – the instructions promise to improve the body, vigor, as well as healthy and shiny nails and hair, but I suspect that this option was released only because there is a high demand for beauty vitamins in society.

If you want to take “Complivit” for the prevention of colds or to restore the body after them, one tablet per day for about a month will suffice. It is also recommended to take this vitamin complex after other serious illnesses, together with antibiotics..

After a monthly course of Complivit, take a break for about 4-6 months, after which another course of the drug is possible. If you think that your body needs more of this vitamin-mineral complex, you should consult your doctor..

Of course, like any drug, these multivitamins should not be taken by people who have allergic reactions to the components of the complex. Doctors do not note other contraindications.

If you are taking other drugs at the same time as Complivit, be sure to consult your doctor.!

I want to say that after I studied the composition and tried similar complexes of several price categories, I did not find a fundamental difference between such an affordable Complivit and complexes that are 10-20 times more expensive.


How to take Complivit? Vinpocetine for use to swallow or dissolve – The best wish that we hear from very close and completely unfamiliar people, a wish for health.

Take orally after meals by swallowing. It is better if each vitamin is in its shell.

Swallow or suck Cialis Swallow or suck Cialis. You are looking for where you can buy Viagra, Levitra or.Vitamins Complivit should be swallowed or absorbed?

Look at the instructions, but in my opinion swallow.

Only swallow. girls should know how to do it and put it into practice)))))

Personally, I prefer vitamins of natural origin. What is your purpose for drinking them? I can recommend a better product.

And I first gnaw and then drink more water!

Screw in the ass with a screwdriver

Levitra to swallow or dissolve. Side effects of dapoxetine when using dapoxetine side effects are not Cialis absorbed or swallowed, either. Vitamins Complivit must be swallowed or absorbed?

At first it is sweet to dissolve, and then bitterly sour like citric acid, a rare muck, but worth it. Take 1 time per day after meals preferably.

Vitamins are useful.

Swallow one tablet daily.

I have these vitamins in tablets, they need to be swallowed with water. I take one tablet a day. The rest can be found in the manual..

Hello, tell me how to take Undevit-swallow with water or dissolve? Hello Oksana! Take Undevit after meals. For the treatment to be effective, do not chew or drink the pills..

Generally drink water and swallow whole.

Need to swallow. After all, from above the shell is smooth, it can still be absorbed, but inside it is no longer there. So swallow.

Although I would prefer to dissolve rather than swallow. During pregnancy, many are prescribed to take various complexes, one of the most affordable that I took was Complivit mom .

It is best to throw them away and take vitamins with food … there are articles on this topic, I can reset.

It doesn’t matter to whom it is convenient.

They have a special smooth shell, all tablets of this type are always swallowed. And in general, vitamins always swallow that they suck, they are normally absorbed anyway

Only swallow. Vitamins are applied in a certain sequence in layers on a tablet and are calculated so that a certain micro and macro element will be assimilated in the “necessary” section of the intestine as it passes. Therefore, take between meals with a small amount of water. In general, the best-selling complex complies, so there are a lot of fakes. If you decide to buy, only in good pharmacies.

Help kill chronic fatigue syndrome in yourself! I have been suffering for many years, but last year it got even worse. Sign up with a doctor. At least he’s an expert..

Complivit, Complivit-Active, Complivit Mom. Information about the drug, pharmacology, mechanisms of action, pharmacological properties and effects, indications Complivit-Active is taken orally, 1-2 tablets in the morning or at noon, dissolved in 200 ml of water.

In a word, lazy and dreamer.

You need a good psychologist otherwise be a client of a psychiatrist soon.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a fictional disease. In Stalin’s time, this condition was treated by work from 9 am to 9 pm without lunch breaks for a crust of bread .

You need to understand as an alcoholic that if he doesn’t stop drinking, he’ll be gone. You need to take on yourself to the fullest, stop eating sweets, you must understand that this can lead you to diabetes mellitus that cannot be cured, you need to take care of your appearance, lose weight, eat less delicious buns, if you run often you will immediately feel changes to the best.

Heh. I see that there is a desire, but no strength. I’m afraid this is not about chronic fatigue, but some kind of latent, but progressive disease..

To begin with, donate blood for sugar, exclude diabetes. Complete blood count to look at hemoglobin and rule out anemia. With anemia, similar sensations and drowsiness. Any physical effort. unbearable, up to shortness of breath. Well, there. let’s see.

Drink any antiparasitic

Complivit is used in adults and children. Tablets are taken orally with a small amount of water, one tablet per day. With a pronounced deficiency of vitamins, macro- and microelements, you can take Complivit 1 tablet 2 times a day.

No need to panic. According to the symptoms described, you have low levels of serotonin. You can take drugs that increase its level. (paroxetine, sertraline, citalopram, fluvoxamine, etc. The pharmacy will tell you)

The simplest and most effective non-drug way to increase the amount of serotonin in the blood is to be in the sun as often and as long as possible. You need to eat right, preferring foods that increase serotonin levels:

milk and sour milk

banana (ripe, not green)

legumes (especially beans and lentils)

dried fruits (dates, figs, dried bananas)

sweet fruits (plum, pear, peach)

nightshade (tomato, bell pepper)

bitter black chocolate

eggs (chicken or quail)

swallow dissolve

cereals (buckwheat and millet porridge).

Contact your doctor. For example, a therapist. Based on the symptoms, it is very difficult to make a diagnosis. There may be a systemic disease that needs treatment.

If you are still able to understand that people don’t live like this, start fighting your laziness. At least in public. And get off your mother, you probably already got your parents. From terry laziness, although I admit that there are some flaws in the body, only labor corrects. Start moving, Oblomov.

If your condition is not associated with heavy workloads and an unhealthy psychological situation in the family, at home, then you have prolonged depression plus a lack of vitamins and minerals. Good antidepressants and a mineral-vitamin complex. On antidepressants to a neurologist, a psychiatrist. For vitamins, try multitabs energy. In general, it is necessary to remove the root cause. You need a good psychologist. You didn’t go to those doctors.

Diagnosis: Common laziness.

Treatment: Kick in the ass! Stop eating condensed milk, go to barbecue with your friends, regardless of the mood at the moment. All this is treated by a cheerful friendly company: immediately both energy and mood will return! If you don’t drink at all, then omit this rule, drink a little wine at least (so as not to indulge in all serious things), it should become easier!

Tell the result of the treatment in the comments 🙂

Undevit dissolve or shchapivatb. how to take undevit swallow or dissolve. Swallow with water after meals. Created on 08 May 2014 21 38. Rate this answer Excellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Very bad.

In my opinion, medicine is powerless here..


In order to develop effectively, understand and be able to perform more or less complex techniques, it is extremely necessary to learn the basic simplest things, without which the further path will be closed to you..

This is relaxation, stopping the internal dialogue (ID) and concentration.

To master these techniques perfectly, you will have to practice for more than one month and learn to stay in the right state constantly, every minute..

1. Check your blood sugar

2. CFS is often associated with Epstein-Barr viruses from the herpes family. Get tested for all types of herpes

You probably have an infection, judging by the description

Magic will not happen, you will have to move yourself from your place. Take up programming, find a job in this profile. With the rest, wait until better times

I started reading your text, when I got to condensed milk and Snickers, I was horrified.

You can’t eat so much sweets – this is not only harmful to the body, but it may well affect your mood.

You need to start at least with proper nutrition and gradually start exercising.

This is not a joke – sugar, as much as you use it in writing – these are, in my opinion, suicidal doses, maybe it would be better for the body if you smoked (this is not a call to smoke, but an attempt to explain the harmfulness of sweets).

Therefore, you are lazy, eat meat, but lean (preferably beef). drink meat broth in the evenings.

In a few days, you may feel better..

Here is an article – I just found it on the Internet, there is a lot written about it

Latin name Complivit. ATX code A11AA04. Active ingredient Multivitamins with microelements Polyvitamins with microelements. How to take Complivit?

One common cause is poor sleep. “Sleep Apnea” – interruption of breathing during sleep, one of the signs of which is snoring.

The body does not rest, all internal organs continue to work. Sometimes I have to go to the toilet at night.

There are special tests – you will have to sleep one night with devices put on you that control breathing and all other body functions. If the diagnosis is confirmed, you will have to sleep with a special device that pumps air for breathing. Explore this question.

1.Clean the gastrointestinal tract. 2. Clean the Liver, Kidneys. 3.Clean the blood. By any method you find 4. Exclude sweets, only natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey. 5.Phys. increasing loads – jogging, swimming pool, gym. 6. Removal of helminths (almost everyone has them.)

Mediterranean diet. Vitamins. Pierce Meldonium. Meditation in the morning. Run. Exercises. Nootropics. In the hospital, you can take a course of droppers that remove toxins and improve blood circulation. Look for motivation in your favorite subjects of study. Walk in nature and sit without thoughts.

Try afobazole, it does not affect driving, for example. Chronic fatigue at such a young age is treated only by a doctor.

I would like your problems

Experts do not recommend taking Complivit together with other trace elements and multivitamin preparations. Calcium Complivit tablets can be swallowed whole or chewed.

Calm down, Alexey! Calmly! Alexei, don’t get annoyed. This is unlikely to help. Eat so much condensed milk and snickers.

Yes, for 70 thousand I can help.

. I will drive you with a slipper so as not to be lazy *))

Only you can help yourself, learn to sing from Happiness and Love for Life!

Develop your willpower.

How to take Complivit correctly – swallow or chew?.

As I understand you, I force myself to do everything by force and constantly want to sleep, even though I get enough sleep .

I also agree with one of the comments above, you need a good psychologist. Go to the paid, do not spare money. You have an internal psychological problem that results in all of the above, or rather, only a specialist will help to identify the cause. Good luck!

It’s hard buy levitra 20mg online to cope on your own. it is a serious disease. need complex treatment. as an option to change activities more often. but doctors are indispensable

Get married and have a baby – forget about everything))

This disease is called pohuizm .. try to solve at least one problem to the end, chop off the stol

How to take Complivit calcium D3? It should be chewed and not swallowed immediately. The medicine is best taken with food. This increases the bioavailability of calcium, especially if, as in the case of Complivit, it is in the form of a carbonate salt preparation..

– Review your own behavior.

– Forget about your own laziness.

– Become a more organized person.

– Remember that your activity to a large extent depends on the state of your health..

– Take an active social position.

– Be versatile.

Look for the meaning of life, your purpose. Wherever you can apply your love and work selflessly for the good of mankind, there it is. And there further and the search for God and your soul, and love for God.

Some parasites are sitting in you, which force you to eat so much sweets. You feed them sweets. Perhaps your condition has developed depression. The main thing is cleansing the body, and all other tips about starting up, sports, jogging – all this is nonsense..

Check the liver, often these symptoms occur when the liver is malfunctioning.

Taken orally, tablets can be swallowed with water, sucked or chewed, it is recommended to take them Complivit. The preparation contains only calcium carbonate, lactose, potato starch are used as excipients.

The situation is a bit similar to mine, also constant lack of sleep, no matter how much I slept, I often freak out of the blue (valerian helps, a couple of tablets a day for a week) and at the same time constant lethargy.

A little warm-up helps (highly desirable in the morning), literally for 8-10 minutes, squats, push-ups and other not tricky exercises (but with a couple of wrenches in my hands 🙂), I use dumbbells or a weight for 24 to suit my mood, but you can do without it . Sports loads – a natural antidepressant.

Vitamins also help, I tried all sorts of compliments, duovits, alphabets, inexpensive hexavit, undevit, aerovit.

And with such a quantity of sweets, it is necessary to tie it up, it is dangerous. And it is very desirable to find some kind of hobby for yourself, as a means to distract yourself from sad thoughts, and so that your brain does not rust, for example, download qt creator and slowly start writing some kind of application like a notebook / quote book purely for yourself, but you can’t use a computer constantly sit, sometimes you need to get up and do a warm-up so that the blood does not stagnate and the body does not become numb, there are all sorts of walks there. And yes, get tested for diabetes. Health and success in life.

This happens when the thyroid gland is disturbed. Everything is being treated. Better check and don’t waste time..

He is an energy man, sugar of

Chronic fatigue syndrome is fixed in many people in our time. But, they themselves are guilty of this. First of all, you need to: 1) stop eating sweet things (sugar, condensed milk and snickers), replace them with natural sugar: dates, for example, if you are completely unbearable, eat a piece of chocolate, 2) eat more raw vegetables and fruits, 3) – check the body for sugar and helminths, and, if necessary, then – clean the body (there is a sale of “Milona number 10 – for cleaning the liver, as well as” Troychatka “Evalar”), cat. for 6-8 weeks clean the body. 4) go in for sports. every day in the morning, exercise, start with 1 minute to start, then take a subscription to the fitness center for a year, after such a load there, your stupid thoughts and laziness will pass, and the coach will select the right load for you. 5) – proper and healthy nutrition (in the morning 2 glasses of clean water., Then porridge, then a sandwich with tea, kefir, salad at lunch. Soup, a piece of fish or juice, in the evening: kefir, juice, chicken piece or fish, vegetables, 6) – choose a goal in life and keep a diary every day, where you will write what you did to fulfill it. 7)-i. get married. and get yourself a baby right away. it will immediately rebuild you in a new way. and. help you set the right priorities. GOOD LUCK. )))

Complivit is recommended to be taken for prevention or with a lack of vitamins and minerals, with great psychological and physical stress, with any chronic diseases in autumn and spring..

And you quit yourself. Well, really. You are in such a pitiful and deplorable state that it could not be worse. What else do you have left? Just drop yourself. Or rather, what you are. This is both easy and difficult to do at the same time. It’s easy, because a person can quit anything, just with the click of a finger. It’s difficult, because, well, how can you give up all that accumulated. Like one ski on the balcony. )))) The most important adviser in our life is our death. Ask her for advice. And she will answer, while I have not touched you, nothing is over yet. And most importantly, you already know what to quit. You have already indicated this above. It remains only to muster up the courage and leave it all. Everything that you are now made up of and what you are. The process is not fast, but fruitful. And stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop talking to yourself. Realize that whatever happens to you is not important. And then everything will pass. Finally engage in not-doing yourself.

A similar situation, the system that I developed for myself helps me.

But this complex and long process will require willpower, maybe it’s easier for me, I’m a believer and it pulls me out a lot when I try to return to the old rail, although chocolate, marshmallows, marshmallows, marmalade have returned to sweets, this is not a complete list of what I eat, though and I train myself strongly, I forbid myself to eat after 6 pm, gymnastics in the morning and in the evening, through force, through no desire, fasting. steam diet. daily routine as much as possible.

It became much easier.

It used to be complete hell, I slept, woke up and wanted to sleep again, traveled the world, changed countries, continents, everywhere the same thing, as if they had sucked my whole life with a syringe. all colorless, wild outbursts of aggression. like a wounded bear., only one desire that everyone would be left alone was eternal night and silence.

If you are interested in the whole recovery process, I will write, it will take a very long time to write and paint.

Yes, and among other things, psychoanalysis, etc., etc. The problem is very deep and perhaps the name of depression or despondency is not curable, I can teach you how to live with it more or less tolerably.

To hand over analyzes on a blood and in general it is desirable to pass or take place completely analyses. Vitamins, proper nutrition and Interesting. Work

Dear Vitalchik!

I understand you very much, since I myself know such a state.

You are a young man, I don’t know where you live.

Most likely in the city.

I will not go into details, but I will advise you to find an orphanage in your city and come there.

Buy something affordable for children: fruits, sweets, toys.

Look at them and think about their problems and yours..

Hope this behavior helps you..

Helping someone and being needed is the best way to find meaning in your life..

There is a way (30000 rubles), not mine. clearly normalizes sleep immediately and removes, lowers a number of hidden diseases (removes cancer, the initial stage). This is what you need and fits. The person gets more power. Further standard – food, walks, light physical education, examination, a healthy lifestyle.)

Chew, dissolve or swallow? I started taking Complivit Radiance half a month ago and the result was not long in coming, the nails thickened and became longer, the hair began to grow faster.

The WHO does not list such a disease. Laziness and lack of purpose and truly your desires. After all, you often chase other people’s myths, and this is tiring..

They gave advice – just do it!

But it looks like you need a magic pendel.

Or maybe it’s hereditary, on the side of the father or mother? In this case, they can share with you the experience of treating such conditions..

Complivit does not need to be absorbed, this is not a barberry! Vitamins are taken with food, swallowed, not chewed.!

In this case, you do not need to swallow the drug. That’s when I take Kapoten. I just put a pill under my tongue and dissolve it. Eufillin contraindications. Complivit Radiance Youth Antioxidants reviews.

Just swallow. and there will be no blackness.

I drink constantly “Undevit”.

How to take Complivit to swallow or dissolve. I haven’t drunk since January 1st. Lead a healthy lifestyle.

Pleasure is beer and women, and vitamins are money down the drain

There is a jar of Undevita near the computer, once a day I dissolve 3 pieces at once. As I see, I drink

Elevit, for pregnant women. I don’t know about the sense, if there is health, then it is without vitamins, and if not, even if you smear yourself with shit, there will be no sense!

I swallow complivit. there is a big sense! especially in the spring when hormones beat. I do not want to sleep, invigorates normally)))))))))))))))

And how to take folic acid, chew it or drink it with water? Hidden ads. Irin sha, for example, vitamin C is always absorbed or swallowed.

The alphabet is fine. For 2 months in spring and autumn I try to drink always.

Drink ordinary affordable.

there is nothing to be waged on what we are hovering on TV.

and in expensive ones, maybe there is no point, only harm is one. advertisement was made. loot collected. but the fact that the one who drank this rubbish became covered with acne is not their concern.

Why not cheap ones? Do not be fooled by the company and packaging. They are poured from one pan.

Only natural! Synthetics are very dangerous. Can accumulate in the body and cause allergies, poisoning.

I prefer vegetables and fruits, and all the vitamins in tablets are wasted money, wasted time and health.

1. Methane should not be swallowed, but dissolved under the tongue. This is usually motivated by the fact that then methane harms the liver less, since it is absorbed immediately into the blood, through the vessels in the oral cavity.

Vitamin-mineral complexes of the St. Petersburg company, only natural. Not very expensive, but very important for us (meaning people). This is a kind of “fuel” for the human body. Otherwise, quickly “wear out”.